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At Beantrees, we believe in high quality: the quality of the coffee beans; the quality of life for the growers; the quality of our business practices.

Coffee is one of the world's most heavily traded commodities, second only to oil. It is the world's largest agricultural commodity. A beverage enjoyed by people the world-round, coffee - it's growth and production - has a great effect on the Earth's ecology.

We choose organic coffee because it is an environmentally and socially responsible product. It's production helps protect valuable eco-systems, helps improve the lives of the growers and their families, and helps ensure that you will have access to the best hand-grown Arabica beans in the world.

Using organic coffee is a simple extension of our personal beliefs that everything we do should help, rather than harm, the world in which we live.

If an organic product is higher quality, delivers better taste, and can be offered at the same price as a high-quality non-organic product, why sell a non-organic product?

For us, it is just good business to use, promote, and supply products that help protect the Earth's ecology and that also provide better working environments and living conditions for our suppliers.

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