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Flavor ProfileOur House Blend is widely loved for its well balanced, even body and smooth finish. This after-roast blend delivers a savory cup with rich nutty undertones, top notes of honey and cocoa. A luxurious afternoon cup, or after-dinner sipper.
The RegionPeruvian, Nicaraguan, Mexican. A carefully crafted after-roast blend of premium varietal beans grown in different geographic regions. Our proprietary blend ensures rich, deep, satisfying flavor while maintaining a soft, smooth finish.
Customer Reviews
"When I was dieting, I would have a cup of coffee with non-fat flavored creamer after dinner - instead of a cookie or other snack. The wonderful flavor of your decaf House Blend really helped me look forward to my evening cup. I don't know how you do it, but your decaf is just the greatest."
Yolanda B. --Los Angeles, CA
Decaf House Blend
Decaf House Blend
12 oz. $14.49
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