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We purchase all of the beans for our Ethiopian Growers Trust coffee directly from The Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Societies Union (OCFCSU).

The OCFCSU Limited is owned by democratically organized coffee farmers' cooperative in the region of Oromia, one of the largest regional states in Ethiopia.

Established on June 2, 1999 by 35 coffee cooperatives representing 22,691 members, OCFCSU has now grown to 115 cooperatives representing 102,395 farmer households.

This cooperative is unique in its ability to control and trace beans "from tree to cup," and by selling directly to international buyers and roasters, bypassing the long-established coffee auction system.

Tadesse Meskela, The President of the Oromia Cooperative, visiting Beantrees @ Yahoo! /Launch in Burbank, CA.

The union and its member cooperatives own
55 pulperies, 15 hulleries, and 70 warehouses.

They work together to: improve farmers'
income by selling their coffee for higher
prices, improve and maintain the quality and
sustainability of coffee production, regulate
and stabalize the local market, assist in
providing social services to coffee communi-
ties such as schools, health centers and clean water.

For more information about how being Fair Trade Certified benefits the Oromia Coffee Cooperative click here. »

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