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Coffee's first form was not as a drink, but as a rough-hewn energy snack. Sometime between 575 and 850 C.E., coffee beans were crushed, mixed with animal fat, and eaten to invigorate weary Ethiopian travellers and warriors.

First written about in 1000 A.D. by physician and philosopher Avicenna of Bukhara, coffee began as a medicinal drink. Avicenna wrote, "It fortifies the members, it cleans the skin, and dries up the humidities that are under it and gives an excellent smell to all the body."

Since then, coffee has travelled through the ages and across continents, woven throughout all social, economic, and cultural structures to become an essential component of everyday life.

If an organic product is higher quality,
delivers better taste, and can be
offered at the same price as a high-
quality non-organic product, why sell
a non-organic product?

For us, it is just good business to
use, promote, and supply products that
help protect the Earth's ecology and
that also provide better working
environments and living conditions
for our suppliers.

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