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Growers Trust is a special program we created to raise money for specific, regionally based, organic and Fair Trade Certified farming cooperatives. This limited edition coffee is available exclusively at select Sam's Club stores.

Growers Trust ensures that our farming partners receive the very highest prices for their beans. In addition to the premium price we pay for certified organic & Fair Trade Certified beans, we donate $0.10 from the sale of every bag directly to the cooperative that grew the premium coffee used in the Growers Trust selection.

This money is designated for use in a way that will provide lasting benefits to all the people who rely on the farming cooperative for their livelihoods. Our first donation is designated to the Oromia Cooperative and will be used to build much needed clean water wells.

Our first edition of Growers Trust coffee is created from a variety of organic Ethiopian beans (Yrgacheffe, Sidamo, Harar, and Jimma.)

We purchased all the beans in this edition directly from the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative, a Fair Trade Certified, farmer-owned cooperative located in Addis Ababa.

The Oromia Cooperative was featured in the film "Black Gold," a documentary that explores the economic and social conditions for coffee growers in Africa, specifically Ethiopia.

For more information about the Oromia Cooperative, click here. »

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