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In our mission to bring the very best organic coffee to the widest audience possible, we approached Sam's Club with the idea of creating a special coffee that would derive from a single organic Fair Trade Certified Cooperative.

Beantrees President, Barrie Gromala, had seen the documentary "Black Gold." The work of Tadesse Meskela, the President of the Oromia Coffeee Farmers Cooperative, so impressed him that Barrie committed to finding a project that would benefit this outstanding cooperative. Beantrees special program for Sam's Club was the perfect opportunity to promote organic, fair-trade coffee, and also support the Oromia Cooperative.

We are pleased to announce the debut of our very special program, "Growers Trust." Sales from the Ethiopian edition of this line directly benefit the Oromia Coffee Cooperative.

This rich and flavorful organic coffee
is grown by the farmers of the Oromia
Coffee Farmers Cooperative Societies
Union. It is a Fair Trade Certified,
farmer-owned cooperative.

We at Beantrees are proud to bring
Sam's club members one of the world's
finest coffees at a great price.
You enjoy outstanding flavor, support
sustainable growing methods, and give
additional money directly to the farmers
with each purchase.

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