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We are proud to use the only paper hot cup made from fully renewable materials. The entire lifecycle of this cup is eco-smart. The paper comes from tree farms managed in accordance with Sustainable Forestry Initiative guidelines, so there is no harvesting of old-growth forests. The cup coating comes from corn grown in the United States, and the material used to create the cup lining is manufactured in a greenhouse-gas-neutral process. And, after use, under the proper conditions, the cup will break down into the natural elements from which it was produced.

Standard paper cups are not biodegradeable. Although paper is generally biodegradable, the petroleum-based plastic (polyethylene) used to coat the inside lining on hot cups prevents them from being recyclable and even prevents them from being compostable. This new corn-based coating meets the ASTM International standards for compostability, and a similar certification is pending from the Biodegradable Products Institute.

The material is FDA approved. Although using the corn-based plastic on paper is new, this corn-based plastic is used in the market extensively in packaging produce and other food items.

These fantastic cups perform as well as standard paper hot cups. More than five million of these cups were used in the marketplace in a blind trial lasting nearly six months. They performed identically to the conventional cups. Consumers will notice no difference in their enjoyment of coffee with this cupóbut the environment will.

Since 1996 we've helped small cafes and large corporations design gourmet coffee programs that exceed their expectations. Use a branded program that helps you out-do the competition.

Using sustainable products like Beantrees Organic Coffee and branded compostable hot cups is an easy way to improve the quality of your gourmet coffee program. Today's customers want products that support their own committment to the environment. Using Beantrees is an easy way to meet their sustainability desires.

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