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Flavor ProfileA carefully crafted after-roast blend of individually roasted varietal beans from different geographic regions, Chef Jaime Laurita's Italian Espresso is a hearty, earthy coffee with deep layered coffee flavors that blossom into hints of honey, caramel, and nut, with a flavorful, yet smooth, clean finish. Designed for use in espresso drinks, this blend brews a delicious and satisfying cup of coffee. A wonderful after-dinner treat.
The RegionNicaraguan, Mexican. This proprietary blend was designed to deliver maximum flavor for espresso machines, but it also brews a wonderful cup of coffee.
Customer Reviews
"Your decaf espresso is one of the best decafs I've ever had. It made a really rich, deep flavored espresso in my home machine. My wife drinks Vanilla Lattes and she noticed the difference right away. Glad we discovered you!"
George V. --Denver, CO.
Decaf Espresso
Decaf Espresso
12 oz. $14.49
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