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Founded in 1989, QAI offers verification services ensuring that the organic integrity of food and fiber products is preserved from seed to shelf. Headquartered in San Diego, California, QAI maintains operations in Japan, Canada and Latin America with satellite U.S. offices in Minnesota and Vermont.

At QAI, they work to verify that the organic integrity is maintained. The QAI Certification Program is designed to certify every step of the organic chain: From the land on which the product is grown; to the producers growing the product; to the post-harvest facilities preparing the product; to the processing and handling facilities transforming the product.

QAI offers innovative, comprehensive certification programs that allow producers, trading companies, manufacturers, private labelers, restaurants and retail distributors to guarantee their products meet the regulatory guidelines or standards applicable to their specific needs.

In a nationwide independent shelf study, it was found that two out of three certified organic products on U.S. store shelves use QAI certification services. Independent, third party certification of organic food systems has been the foundation of domestic and international organic food trade.

For more see the QAI website »

Because of the lack of integration
between the various methods of
certification, Beantrees employs
only the three most consistent and
most stringently monitored coffee
certifications: USDA, QAI,

We are working within the coffee
industry to promote a "super seal"
that will identify coffees that
meet the highest levels of ethical,
social & environmental standards.

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